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Adoption & Use of Wearables

Client: Aalto University

This project centered on the examination of wearable technologies, given their potential to counteract sedentary behaviors by encouraging physical activity. I conducted an in-depth netnographic analysis of customer reviews from Amazon for three widely-used wearable devices. This exploration aimed to understand user adoption, retention, and the influence of device design on user experience.

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wearable technologies illustration

POP.UP Urban Future Mobility

Client: Volkswagen AG

The Pop.Up project targets the challenge of urban mobility in megacities with a modular, autonomous vehicle capable of ground and air transport. Through a process of user-centric design, we developed a viable business model and service concept, focusing on key touch-points in the user journey.


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popup - future of urban mobility

Spiraling & Sleeve Cutting Machine

Client: Safeplast Oy

We developed efficient solutions for mounting spirals on hoses and cutting textile sleeves. The project employed the Stage-Gate model, incorporating customer feedback from the ideation to the testing stages. The result was the creation of alpha and beta prototypes of a spiraling machine and a sleeve cutting machine, yielding enhanced productivity and improved working conditions.

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product development process visualized
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